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Lulu does not pay "ambassador", but their names published on the bulletin board in the store for customers to create a familiar sense of community. Lulu fans, they get up at 6:00 every morning to reach the yoga studios are Lululemon products around, "I really think that he is a secret club of one." A Lulu fan says.

        Lululemon yoga pants self-improvement is also very fascinated. An "education" in the first day of work was guided to do a collage, painted her 1-year, 5-year and 10-year goals. She removed the painting hanging on the wall in the staff lounge, so that other educators will be able to help her move forward. She felt that the whole process is "cool".

        But not everyone shared the same view. "This is ridiculous!" John Feier Pu said, he produced a documentary called "Yoga Company, and later a book. He felt angry, funny crazy to buy yoga pants, yoga video, tumbled yoga chain classroom behavior. Do yoga, in fact, you do not need anything, even the shoes do not need to. "

        Feier Pu think Lululemon destruction of a lot of yoga precepts. "For example, a 'not hoarding', which means you should not be chasing something other than the demand, and should not be greedy," he says, "Yoga is about abstinence, ascetic practice, rather than hoarding on expensive accessories.

        The Fei Erpu also accused Lululemon outlet contrary to the guidelines of the "honest". In 2007, the New York Times "reported that, according to the special fabric used in the laboratory tests, Lulu does not contain seaweed ingredients as its alleged. This special fabric containing seaweed this the ease human pressure and many other effects. The news newspapers Lulu's share price began to fluctuate, but the scale is still growing Lulu. The Lulu fans seems to this and do not care.